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Accounting Services

a) storage and maintenance in compliance with applicable Polish laws of the books of account, comprising:

  • daily log,
  • general ledger accounts and subsidiary ledger accounts,
  • specification of turnover and balances in general ledger accounts and subsidiary ledger accounts,
  • inventory.

b) preparation and storage of tax documentation, comprising:

  • separate records for VAT purposes,
  • records of tangible and intangible fixed assets,
  • preparation of mandatory reports for statistical purposes.

c) preparation of tax returns, including:

  • quarterly summary information on intra-community acquisitions and supplies (VAT-EU).

d) calculation of advances towards income tax, VAT settlements, filling in monthly income tax and VAT returns as well as the annual tax return,

e) preparation of annual balance sheets and mandatory financial statements and their delivery to the appropriate tax office, including:

  • confirmation of balances with business partners,
  • balance-sheet valuation of assets, equity and liabilities.

f) preparation of mandatory interim and annual statistical reports (Central Statistics Office),

g) preparation of analyses concerning accounting, including:

  • preparation of the chart of accounts and accounting policies,
  • development of a document circulation instruction in line with the company’s mode of operation,
  • development of methods for cost recording, settlement, and determination.

h) giving advice and opinions directly related to the customer’s business,

i) liaising with the tax office with regard to tax issues arising from the accounting service provided,

j) participation, and representation of the customer, in tax office inspections by providing explanations concerning accounting entries and tax returns.

HR and Payroll Services

We propose the following services:

a) calculation of salaries and wages, including:

  • Preparation of payroll
  • Settlement of deductions from payroll
  • Calculation of personal income tax
  • Calculation of contributions payable to the Social Security Authority (ZUS).

b) maintaining employee files, including:

  • Keeping record of holiday leaves, sick leaves, working time settlement
  • Keeping records and preparing documents related to termination of employment contracts (employment contracts, terminations, annexes).

c) deregistration from social security in connection with termination of employment contracts,

d) preparation of certificates of employment,

e) budget settlements (Tax Office, Social Security Authority),

f) preparation of personal income tax returns (PIT-4, PIT-11, PIT-8, IFT-1),

g) preparation of declarations of ZUS contributions and their electronic transfer, and preparation of RMUA monthly reports for employees,

h) calculation and settlement of illness and maternity benefits payable from social security,

i) preparation of documentation and settlements with the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON)

j) issuing medical check-up requests and remuneration certificates, printing and sending ZUS and PIT-4 transfer forms.

GDF Accounting Office

IT systems

We use licensed accounting and HR software developed by recognised IT firms. In most cases, the software supports data import and thus accelerates the processes and enhances service quality

Any tax returns, transfers, specification of turnover and accounting balances as well as payrolls can be regularly sent by e-mail in the form of Acrobat Reader files (*.pdf)

our customer can choose from:

* Wszystkie zastrzeżone nazwy, znaki towarowe i graficzne, użyte w serwisie są własnością odpowiednich firm i/lub instytucji i zostały użyte jedynie w celach informacyjnych.

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